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نوعية الورق ممتازة وعدد الصفحات 272 منها 24 صفحة للصور التي تغطي تلك الحقبة الزمنية بعضها بالالوان

Before the Oil (Arabic, paperback)

SKU: 4
    Please note, all correspondence and orders must be in English. Please check you have correctly chosen the desired English or Arabic versions.
    For international orders (and where applicable, e.g. for the UAE) to avoid issues with delivery please enter your PO Box in the address form when paying, and also include a phone number. E.g. as "Apartment 3, Block 5, Example Road, PO Box 1234, UAE" and "+971 1234 567 89".
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    Ordering more than two books
    Want to order more than two books? Seeing unreasonable shipping costs if you try to order more than 2 books? Please see the BUY THE BOOK tab for details on how to do this.