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Before the Oil is available from the following sources, in both English and Arabic language versions, and in both hardback and paperback formats



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See information below on shipping and bulk orders
Available from the following stores

Heywood Hill (London, UK) 

Curzon St. Mayfair


Magrudys (UAE)

UAE Bookshops


Kinokuniya (UAE)

Dubai Mall


Ordering via your local bookshop
If you want to order via your local bookstore instead, you may need to give them the following information:
  • Title: Before the Oil, A personal memoir of Abu Dhabi 1954-1958
  • Author: Susan Hillyard
  • ISBN: one or more of the following, as appropriate for the desired book format and language
    • ISBN 978-1-910489-32-1 (hardback, English)
    • ISBN 978-1-910489-33-8 (paperback, English)
    • ISBN 978-1-910489-34-5 (hardback, Arabic)
    • ISBN 978-1-910489-35-2 (paperback, Arabic)
Online shipping, ordering multiple copies (more than two books), and bulk orders
For international orders (and where applicable, e.g. for the UAE) to avoid issues with delivery please enter your PO Box in the address form when paying, and also include a phone number.
E.g. as "Apartment 3, Block 5, Example Road, PO Box 1234, UAE" and "+971 1234 567 89".
This website is set up to cater for those wishing to order up to two copies* of our book online - tracked shipping is charged according to the standard shipping rate from our publisher.
If you wish to order more books, please email us at to place your order - for those wishing to order more than 2 books, alternative shipping options (e.g. courier) may be available, which will be more cost-effective for you.
Please also email us at if you wish to make bulk orders, to discuss discounts potentially applicable.
* Note that if you select more than 2 copies, the shipping costs will appear as £10,000 - this is intentional, as we are unfortunately unable to limit the numbers you can ask for on the website. We hope this unreasonably high cost will help you see the note above (regarding emailing us if you wish to order more than two books)! 
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